Friday, December 10, 2010


Long time no see!
Been free and busy these days.. nah just lazy to blog.
So I am gonna blog about a few things today.

First of all, I am back to KL!!
Woots, Friends, GF, Food. FGF. lol

Anywayz, I came back on the 11th of November, Nope not September 11. lol
It's been fun.. not bad at all actually except got alot of plans kept cancelling..

First, I wanna introduce u to my GF, Miss. Carmen Chan!

Shes awesome!


Anywayz, I wanna talk bout this recent Melaka/Malacca trip I went to yesterday.
We were supposed to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights but someone, not gonna say who, last minute cannot. =(

We took lots of photos but I am not going to show em all, just a few good ones hehe

Yeap, Sceneries only haha. But they are good!
Now for some food pics!

Overall, I had great fun with my dear, the 2 kids, and YP!

OK next, I wanna talk about something I bought from Melaka/Malacca
I dont have the pic but me n my gf bought a shirt that says "Love the world" with a picture that shows a stickman watering a tree.

Basically wad it means is that love the environment.
Ironically, My gf claims that I am a tree killer rofl cuz of my excessive use of tissues ><

So, one day, I am gonna proudly walk on the streets of KL with this shirt on and still kill trees with my excessive use of tissues ^^

Oh Oh!

Speaking of which, I am now currently employed @ Starbucks Tropicana City Mall!

And here is a retarded picture of me!

My gf calls me a faggoted barista lol.
My cousin says I look retarded and funny lol
Anyways, I am out of ideas already so..
Peace out!

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