Friday, December 10, 2010


Long time no see!
Been free and busy these days.. nah just lazy to blog.
So I am gonna blog about a few things today.

First of all, I am back to KL!!
Woots, Friends, GF, Food. FGF. lol

Anywayz, I came back on the 11th of November, Nope not September 11. lol
It's been fun.. not bad at all actually except got alot of plans kept cancelling..

First, I wanna introduce u to my GF, Miss. Carmen Chan!

Shes awesome!


Anywayz, I wanna talk bout this recent Melaka/Malacca trip I went to yesterday.
We were supposed to stay there for 3 days and 2 nights but someone, not gonna say who, last minute cannot. =(

We took lots of photos but I am not going to show em all, just a few good ones hehe

Yeap, Sceneries only haha. But they are good!
Now for some food pics!

Overall, I had great fun with my dear, the 2 kids, and YP!

OK next, I wanna talk about something I bought from Melaka/Malacca
I dont have the pic but me n my gf bought a shirt that says "Love the world" with a picture that shows a stickman watering a tree.

Basically wad it means is that love the environment.
Ironically, My gf claims that I am a tree killer rofl cuz of my excessive use of tissues ><

So, one day, I am gonna proudly walk on the streets of KL with this shirt on and still kill trees with my excessive use of tissues ^^

Oh Oh!

Speaking of which, I am now currently employed @ Starbucks Tropicana City Mall!

And here is a retarded picture of me!

My gf calls me a faggoted barista lol.
My cousin says I look retarded and funny lol
Anyways, I am out of ideas already so..
Peace out!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I am pretty sure the only people who will read this blog is < than 5.
Anywayz, It's been long. I really never got to blog. Yes, I was lazy and there really isn't anything I can blog about. I don't really wanna do daily life posts as well cuz nothing's really interesting nowadays.. Life is getting boring =(

Yes. I. Do. Miss You Ms. Chan Kah Mun. I just sat there and was thinking bout how much I love you.


Today, I was sitting down at Max Brenners (chocolate drink cafe) and I kept looking up cuz it was really interesting .

I just thought it was interesting cuz I'm sitting right below this really tall building. By just looking up, I just phased myself into a blank moment..

During this phased moment, it feels weird.
Got a mix feeling but I can't describe it.
And my gf just got into an argument with her mom.
So she wanna be alone and all.
Of course if she asks for it then I'll definitely say okay
But inside I feel the need to comfort her.
When she is pissed, can't really talk to her well.
When she is not pissed, shes all awesome!


Btw, weather was really good today, but I wasn't really feeling good.
Mood wasn't really in a good shape.
I know myself that If my mood ain't that good, I screw things up and lack any motivation to do almost anything.
Not really a good thing but I'm trying to change that.

Maybe cuz I am a sensitive person and I care about everyone's feelings.

Ah well, It's a good and a bad thing lol.
Hey, everything has it's good n bad right?

So, I've been observing right
My hands tend to shake alot
it seems like I can't adapt to a weight of an item.
My hands shake when it's too light, and when it's too heavy.
It also shakes when it's just the right weight?

But come to think of it, my wrists are really small. Dunno y.
Will try to work out and see if there is any improvement.
Besides, made a promise to my babe that gotta get those packs n arms she wanted =)

That's it for today, See yas!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's been a Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.


My name is Aiden and it's been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time since i last blogged.

I wanna start off things with this :

I am currently in a relationship with Chan Kah Mun.
U can find her in my Facebook.
I'm just gonna talk about her abit here,
Oh oh before I start, I just wanna say I've had 2 more other Carmen's in my life before lol. How ironic >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""> Yes it's Breezer dont laugh
Don't play with ur phone!



As for today, I went to my Fren's place and played WoW for 6-7 hours straight.. Damn no life haha

Now i'm tired so cyas all!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lil Jap Girls Blacked Out With High School I love her Story

Weird title eh?
It'll make sense as I go along

Lil Jap girls are sooo kawaiii (cute)! I was at this Asian supermarket and there's this small jap girl who talks alot. Kept asking her dad wad is this, wad is that.. Well I kinda know wad's she saying cuz she point at one thing and then another thing and look very innocent like that. Also, her voice sounds like a little girl... So cute. haha

Then there was another day where I went brunch at this Malaysian Restaurant called Coconut House. When i took my first step into the restaurant, the whole place blacked out. Call me Bad luck. =/

Then few days ago, there was this huge gathering of 16 people at Hang Guok Kwan. (dunno how to spell it) It's a Korean Chinese Restaurant. 14 of em are my high school frens, and 1 of them is my fren's gf. And then theres this girl that is my fren's gf's fren. Sound confusing? yeah i know.. lol
Had a fun time meeting up with them.. Sadly it was only dinner though. Would be awesome to have spent the whole day with them.

Lol yesterday, I was walking home from somewhere I dont remember where.
As i walked, then there's this 2 Indian guys talking.
Suddenly I heared "But I really love her, She has a very good personality' *in indian accent* lol
Hope no Indians read my blog =p

LOL, when i heard that I was like "wtf, nice. haha"

Yeap I summed the whole week's life just like that.
Soz but it's 2.27am now, and I had coffee just now that's y I'm still awake.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mother of An Energy Kick.

Vince Hew. With this :

I can stay up late so I can wish you Happy Birthday. XD

Anywayz, these few days, I met quite a number of new people and also people I haven't met in ages. Had fun with them, and the cash used to go out also damn "fun". *sigh*

Anywayz I took pictures of the State Library just for fun while waiting for Late-Ethel =p

Damn alot of birds there. I wonder if the birds are actually "civilised" in the city. (What I mean is they don't go around shitting on people's head)
Oh and also the people enjoying the scenery by sitting/lying on the grass while having their meals and such.
This is also the meeting place for me, Henrik, Edbert and other people as well.

Moving on,
Just now, 2 hours ago, I got "saman-ed" by a tram inspector.
Stupid. I bought the monthly ticket like minutes before, I just forgot to validate it, they come n bug me.. zzzz
I wouldnt pay AUD 110 for the monthly ticket and go for a free ride right? Stupid... Zzzz damn Inspectors..

What happens if I am reported?
Ans : If u report me for such a stupid thing, you inspectors are really stupid.

Damn pissed.. I stayed over at Chris's place, played WoW and Ps3 whole day n night..
Damn tired la, Why come and bug me sia...
Consider myself unlucky la. =(

Speaking of tired, I'd better go to bed . =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday Gift and...

Lol, someone notti just sent me a gift all the way from australia =p
Will show u naws :

The Wrapped Gift =)

The "Gift" after i opened the Wrapped Gift

When i first saw it I was like "Huh, a table top calender?"

Then when i opened it, It's not a table top calender lol.
First gift

A card!

2nd gift

A Bear! Cute!

And finally,

Took me a awhile to figure out, but it's a CAKE! lol

So.. I made a wish

And... Blew the "candle"

Yeah and that's it for my "birthday" lol.

anywayz, i found out something also,

If u look closely on the bottom left of the box u can see this


Anywayz, thanks for the gift *U know who u r*
But Don't do it again next year lol.
Too much money to spend a?
Go spend on shopping kk?

Urgh, damn tipsy now..
Went to bar to drink n chat
Ima bad drinker...